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Hair Growth & Hair Loss Supplements

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DrFormulas HairOmega DHT Blocker
Kerotin Hair Growth Vitamins
Moerie Ultimate Hair Growth Shampoo + Conditioner 250ml
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Sugarbear Hair Extra Strength Vitamin Gummies
Advanced Trichology FoliGROWTH Ultimate Hair Nutrition Formula
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Advanced Trichology Natural DHT Blocker w/ Immune Support
DrFormulas HairOmega DHT Blocker Shampoo + Conditioner 473ml
Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Shampoo
Kerotin Intensive Growth Drops
Hairtamin Advanced Formula Hair Growth Vitamins
Keranique Scalp Stimulating Shampoo + Volumizing Keratin Conditioner - bodytonix
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Keranique Scalp Stimulating Shampoo + Volumizing Keratin Conditioner
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Minoxidin Extra Strength Hair Regrowth Formula
Maple Holistics Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner Combo
Watermans Grow Me® Shampoo + Conditioner 250ml
Maple Holistics Biotin Shampoo
Hairtamin Gummy Stars Hair Growth Vitamins

Hair Growth and Hair Loss Experts at Bodytonix


Is your beautiful hair falling off at an alarming rate? Or is it refusing to grow entirely? Relax.  Hair loss is more common than you might think. The Good news is… We have a solution for you. We deliver a variety of the best supplements for hair growth, anti-grey treatments, shampoos, and conditioners.


We have partnered with some of the best brands in the industry; hence you can be assured that we deliver quality hair loss supplements in Australia.


We are dedicated to giving you your best hair day every day with our range of helpful products.

So, if you’ve been wondering:

Which hair supplement is the best to stimulate hair growth?

Which supplement is the most effective in preventing or reducing hair loss?

How can you stop hair loss and regrow your hair naturally?

We’ve got you. 

What Our Hair Products Do

The supplements have the right balance of the best vitamins for hair growth and nutrients that help nourish hair follicles for healthy hair.  For example, the IvyBears Men's Hair Vitamins contain doses of vitamins A, C, D, E, B5, B6, and B12 that nourish hair follicles of weak and thinning hair.


We also know that different people have different hair types, so our products are for different hair types. We got a suitable product for each, whether straight, wavy, curly or tightly curled hair.


We’ll also care for dry hair, damaged hair, stunted hair growth, and hair loss.


How Exactly Do Our Hair Products Work


Our hair products work with hair types for different needs or deficiencies. And that is why you will find our hair products are into three categories. Discussed below are these categories.


Hair Growth Supplements


They’re made to support hair growth for men or women whose hair grows slowly, have sparse hair, or is experiencing hair loss.


Our hair loss supplements have unique formulas mixed with indigenous recipes that have worked for many years. For example, our Fit For Life Beard Advanced Growth Formula has Traditional Chinese Medicine used throughout Asia with excellent results.


Some contain special herb extracts from certain trees, plants, fruits, and seeds. For example, our DrFormulas Hair Omega Hair Growth Serum is made from grape seed extract, rich in resveratrol, and is known to improve circulation. Grapefruit benefits hair by allowing oxygen and other nutrients to reach hair follicles.


We offer you the best vitamins for hair growth as well as nutrients. They include Vitamin B, minerals, folic acid, zinc, and biotin.


Check out our hair growth supplements;

[Grow My Hair]

Anti-grey Treatments

Don't let grey hair spoil your perfect hair look. You still can rock that youthful look you’ve always had.


Research has been done on the grey hair formula that helps you look younger and more attractive. Yes, we take our research seriously to determine what causes grey hair. We know that the absence of catalase is known to initiate the growth of grey hair.


And that is why our Absonutrix Anti Grey Advanced hair Formula combines catalase with other nutrients to create a formula that reactivates dormant pigment cells to help restore grey hair to its original colour.


Other products in this range offer formulas packed with essential nutrients that help the health of hair follicles.


Check out our anti-grey treatments;

[Rid Myself of Grey Hair!]

Shampoos and Conditioners

Imagine boosting the healthy growth of your hair with just a wash. (Okay, maybe not just a single wash)


Bodytonix shampoos and conditioners have been engineered for that. You will not only remove that excess oil that brings about dandruff but also boosts hair growth and have pleasant fragrance smelling hair that will make you feel like a model.

Both women and men can use these products.


You can use our shampoos and conditioners on coloured hair. So go ahead and try out one of our shampoos, for example, the Watermans Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner, and enjoy the results.


Check out our shampoos and conditioners;

[Shampoo My Hair]

Benefits That You Will Get From Using Bodytonix Products


  1. Our products are safe to use. You can use them without any fear of experiencing any side effects.
  2. We work with the best brands in the industry, for example, Ultrax Labs, DrFormulas, Kerotin, Nutriflair, Hairtamin, Sugarbearhair, Eternum labs, Nutrivein, Relumins, Keranique, Teami, Watermans, Tropical Isle Living, Cocochoco Professional, and Ivybears. So, you can be assured of quality products with us.
  3. We have a variety of intake options for our supplements. Whether you prefer pills, capsules, or liquid drops, we have what you need.
  4. Our hair growth supplements in Australia are manufactured whilst being mindful of your health. We manufacture products that are free from the most common allergens like gluten. And, if a product has an allergen, we do our due diligence to inform you upon purchase or in writing on our product packaging.
  5. Our products are easy to use. There are no complicated instructions to follow. Everything you need to know is written on the package.
  6. We provide you with a variety of options in our payment plans. For example, you can use Afterpay and Humm to make partial payments.
  7.  Our products come in various quantities and sizes, so you can choose whichever packaging suits you depending on your hair needs.


Hurry and browse through our best supplement for hair loss catalogue and make a purchase while stocks last!


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