About Us

bodytonix is where Australians go to find the world’s newest, highest quality and most effective vitamins, supplements, products and tonics for a happier, healthier body.

From our very first day, we’ve always tried to make decisions that our customers could be proud of.

Our team has searched the globe for the best, most popular products available in the hair, beauty, skincare, health and well-being industries!

The idea for bodytonix was born in 2016 when a great man (self-proclaimed) from Sydney realised that it was much too difficult for Australians to get their hands on mainstream and prevalent products promoted and sold overseas. After researching every ingredient known to man, it was then he knew that Australians deserved to have ready-made access to these products and began the process of sourcing international suppliers and navigating his way through the taxing (pun intended) world of importing.

We believe that being healthy starts from the inside out and are here to assist you in making the right choices to fit your busy lifestyle. This is why we have worked tirelessly to source these products, providing a convenient platform that gives Australians ready-made and faster access to what our neighbours have to offer.

All of us at bodytonix, are obsessed with wanting to inspire people to live healthier lives and to enhance their quality of life.

So feel free to browse our store, you'll enjoy great service via friendly expert advice if you need it. Our wide range of products are spread across categories including hair and nails, anti-aging, skincare, general well-being, beard, lashes, lips and brows!