IvyBears Women's Hair Growth Vitamins

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IvyBears Women's Hair Vitamins - 60 Gummies (1 Month Supply)

IvyBears® Women’s Hair Vitamins contain a formula of biotin, folic acid and a variety of vitamins such as A, C, D, E B5, B6 and B12, which promotes hair growth, giving you beautiful, shiny, thick and strong hair.

These vitamin gummies not only help reduce hair loss and promote healthy hair growth, they also help strengthen nails!


  • Provides important nutrients for a healthy hair growth
  • Improves women’s hair health and quality
  • After long-term use, leaves hair healthier, nourished, longer and shinier
  • Supports both, the strength and shine of hair and nails
  • Helps strengthen weak and frayed nails and leaves them firm and healthy
  • Supports the immune system and overall health
  • A sweet, tasty, yummy fruity form of vitamins
  • Designed, formulated and manufactured in Germany
  • Each bottle contains 60 gummy bears

IvyBears vitamin gummy bears are natural, delicious, vegan, without artificial colours, flavourings and free of titanium dioxides.

Key ingredients:

Biotin (5000 mcg) - key active ingredients, supports hair growth and helps combat hair loss. Biotin also supports the health of your scalp by producing fatty acids which in turn helps the health of your hair. Moreover biotin supports your hair's keratin, making your hair stronger.

Folic acid (Vitamin B-9) - crucial for your body to repair your DNA. Actively supports cell division so that your hair follicles can produce healthy hair and reduces hair loss and prevents thinning hair.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) - has amazing hair growing properties. Vitamin C is also vital for your body to develop collagen, which helps your hair to grow stronger from the inside out. And its antioxidant properties helps to protect your scalp from damage by combating free-radicals.

Vitamin A (Palmitate) - contributes to the health of your skin and scalp by helping to promote your blood's oxygen circulation. Increased oxygen circulation to the scalp helps to feed your scalp the vital nutrients your hair needs for longer and stronger hair.

Vitamin B-6 - is a great vitamin to take for hair loss. By helping your body to form cells and bring oxygen to your scalp, your hair follicles will be able to produce healthier hair.

Vitamin B-12 - gives an amazing boost to your hair growth by supporting your body's energy process and helping to form red blood cells, which helps your hair to grow longer and increases in energy and vitality, nourishes your follicles from the inside out and is responsible for the shine and lustre of your hair.

100% designed, formulated and manufactured in Germany. Ingredients are approved by the European Federal Ministry of Food and Health.

Directions: IvyBears® Women’s Hair Vitamins should be taken regularly and for an extended period for best results. Two Bears a day are enough to strengthen your hair.