SM Nutrition Activated Sulforaphane Complex


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SM Nutrition Activated Sulforaphane Complex - 60 Capsules

Sulforaphane from broccoli seeds is a powerful tool in the fight against free radicals and the oxidative stress they cause. It is one of the most dynamic supplements that you can take for long-term cellular health, antioxidant production, cognitive function and more.

Key Benefits:

  • The Real Deal - Levels of Sulforaphane can vary between strands of broccoli. That’s why we use BroccoRaphanin Broccoli Seed Extract and BroccoPhane, which yield a high amount of real, stabilised sulforaphane powder - 9.5MG per serving. Don’t be fooled by sellers who use “MCG” instead of “MG.” 1000mcg = 1mg.
  • 9mg Of Myrosinase Per Serving - Your body can’t make sulforaphane in the gut without the enzyme myrosinase. Each serving contains at least 9MG of myrosinase from BroccoRaphanin and Organic Mustard Seed, making this a more powerful sulforaphane supplement.
  • More Than An Antioxidant - Sulforaphane stimulates the release of NRF2, which then supports over 200 genes. These genes prompt cells to create their own antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress, making Sulforaphane more than an antioxidant supplement.
  • Cellular Health Supplement - Many of the 200+ genes supported by NRF2 also independently support the body’s detox responses. A high-quality cruciferous extract supplement like Activated Sulforaphane is the easiest way to get sulforaphane every day.

Broccoli Power: Supporting Cellular Health with NRF2
One of the greatest long-term health challenges is the presence of free radicals in our bodies. These compounds damage our cells by stealing electrons from the atoms and compounds that comprise the tissues of our bodies. Sulforaphane from broccoli seeds prompts the release of the protein NRF2, and NRF2 supports over 200 genes that actually cause cells to produce their own antioxidants. These genes also prompt the creation of proteins and enzymes that bind to toxins, and remove them from the body.

The health benefits of sulforaphane are dynamic and wide-ranging. By supporting cellular health and detoxification, Activated Sulforaphane can support cognitive health, heart health, digestion, energy, liver health and more. This Activated Sulforaphane supplement is made with the highest concentrations of cruciferous extracts available, with a minimum of 9mg of Myrosinase enzyme per serving to ensure a high yield of health-boosting sulforaphane in every capsule.

SM Nutrition is one of the few brands that conduct third-party testing to verify that their formula has an active potency of 9.5MG of Sulforaphane per serving, and a minimum of 9MG of Myrosinase per serving. Activated Sulforaphane is Certified Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegetarian, HALAL Certified and formulated without the top 8 allergens. Enjoy a 2-month supply in every bottle!

Directions: As a dietary supplement take one (1) capsule daily with a meal or as directed by your healthcare professional.