Prettyville Labs Biotin + Collagen Liquid Drops 30,000mcg


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Prettyville Labs Biotin + Collagen Liquid Drops 30,000mcg 60ml

PrettyVille Liquid Hydrolysed Collagen & Biotin Drops effectively speed up nail and hair growth and support joints and skin health. It is made of powerful ingredients in a highly concentrated form, to enhance absorption and bioavailability. Resulting in increased absorption compared to pills, capsules and other liquid drops.

PrettyVille collagen and biotin drops not only strengthen hair from inside out, but also improves skin elasticity, works to reduce wrinkles and also boost skin hydration.

What is Biotin?
Biotin is one of the B complex vitamins available. Biotin can improve digestive health and glucose tolerance and is important for regulating cardiovascular and cognitive health. This is in addition to Biotin helping to improve the health of your hair, skin and nails. Biotin has been shown to improve the structure of important proteins present in your hair.

What is Hydrolysed Collagen?
Hydrolysed collagen, also known as collagen peptide or collagen hydrolysate, is a type of collagen that can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream when it's used as a supplement.

A key protein produced in the body, collagen is found primarily in the skin, bones, cartilage, tendons, and teeth. It plays a critical role in the structure and function of the body's cells and tissues such as blood vessels, cornea, gums, and scalp. And it promotes wound healing and bone repair.

There are many reported health benefits of Hydrolysed Collagen. On top of assisting with weight loss, hair & nail growth, heart health, and eye health, it also supports skin, anti-aging, bone and joint health, wound healing & body composition.

Prettyville Collagen and Biotin complex is created by the leading American scientists with the assistance of healthcare professionals and is proudly made in the USA under strict manufacturing control.


Take 2 droppers daily or as directed by a physician.
Keep tightly closed and store it at room temperature Once opened, refrigerate.
Avoid heat and direct sunlight.