Infinite Age C60 Fullerene 99.95% Purity 80mg/100ml


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Infinite Age C60 Fullerene 99.95% Purity 80mg/100ml

Researchers now believe C60 is a super antioxidant and is considered to be one of the most powerful antioxidants in existence. Studies have shown C60 to be 200 times more powerful than Vitamin C and around 170 times more effective against oxidative free radicals than Vitamin C, virtually transforming how you age.

C60 in olive oil is a healing dynamo, performance-enhancing machine and longevity game-changer. C60 Fullerene is a molecule composed of 60 carbon atoms. They are in a cage-like spherical and hollow shape, resembling a soccer ball that act like glue that can clean up unstable compounds like free radicals.

Because C60 is not soluble in water, is has been combined it with the highest quality non GMO Extra Virgin Olive Oil for maximum monomolecular absorption. Infinite Age’s C60 Fullerene Olive Oil Solution is research grade 99.95% ultra-pure Carbon 60.

Key Benefits of C60 Fullerene:

  • Clear Out Those Free Radicals - Studies have shown that with C60 you can help clear out the free radicals from your body far more effectively. It can also speed up the healing process dramatically, overcome chronic fatigue and get back to your energetic self in a fraction of the time. The researchers concluded that C60 could be the most effective compound ever studied for extending lifespans. They also concluded that it’s a hundred times more effective when it’s dissolved in olive oil
  • Sponge For Toxins - C60 also acts as a sponge for all kinds of toxins, even mercury. So it can help cleanse the body more effectively than any other compound
  • Binds In DNA And Protects It - The size of the C60 molecule fits inside a groove in the DNA and binds to it, helping protect the DNA from methyl groups that can degrade it
  • Speed Recovery From Injury - Studies show that C60 speeds recovery from injuries dramatically, including faster elimination of pain
  • Reduction of Inflammation - One of the many ways C60 can speed healing is to help relieve inflammation throughout the body, particularly in the lower back. When the inflammation is reduced, so is the associated pain
  • Work In The Cells Longer - Another theory has been advanced about why C60 has a particularly beneficial anti-aging function. It remains in the cells and mitochondria longer, because it’s not used up when it attacks free radicals. Instead, it’s recycled in the cells
  • C60 Promotes Healthy Longevity - C60 is classified as a super-antioxidant, similar to more common antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin A and selenium. The unique action of C60 makes it an important anti-aging action. It focuses on scavenging the free radicals that do the most damage to age us
  • Lengthens Telomeres - Telomeres are known to be one of the major determinants of aging. They are the protective cap that prevents the ends of chromosomes from fusing to each other and allow chromosome ends to attach to the nuclear envelope. Anti-aging scientists have discovered that telomere length affects longevity. As we age, the length of our telomeres shortens. C60 actually lengthens them

C60 Fullerene is Solvent Free Research Grade Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 99.95% Ultra-Pure Nitrogen Vacuum Oven Dried Carbon 60 which prevents oxidization. Oxidation causes the breakdown of pure Carbon 60 into other unknown and untested compounds. Our C60 is then mixed in total darkness for two full weeks, then vacuum filtered oven dried. The entire process is done in the dark in sealed containers to protect the oil from degradation, as it is light & oxygen sensitive to ensure the most pure formula.

C60 olive oil is recommended to be stored in a cool dark place with lid secure to maintain freshness while maximising shelf life and potency as light, heat and extended exposure to oxygen can degrade oils.