Eternum Labs ZEN Deep Sleep Enhancer


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Eternum Labs ZEN Deep Sleep Enhancer - 30 Servings

Zen is an advanced sleep formula designed to help you get deeper, more restful sleep without waking up groggy or tired. Zen combines a range of powerful ingredients to help aid recovery, enhance deep and rem sleep, improve cognition and increase waking energy.

Benefits of Eternum Labs ZEN:

  • Enhance Sleep Quality
  • Improve Waking Energy
  • Increase Relaxation & Reduce Anxiety
  • Promote Fat Loss
  • Rest, Relax, Recover
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Take 1-2 servings of Zen before bed and wake up feeling refreshed and energised.

Key Ingredients:

  • MAGNESIUM – Improves recovery, relaxation & boosts immune function
  • LEMON BALM – Relieves stress & reduces anxiety
  • CHAMOMILE – Enhances deep sleep and relaxation
  • REISHI MUSHROOM – Nicknamed “the mushroom of immortality”
  • VALERIAN ROOT – Promotes relaxation
  • PASSIONFLOWER – Relaxes nervous system activity
  • CHLOROGENIC ACID – Stabilises blood sugar, improves waking energy & promotes fat loss