Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement Formula


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Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement Formula - 60 Veggie Capsules

Bust Bunny is the original breast enhancement formula and a safe alternative to surgery. Made up of scientifically researched herbal extracts, it works to promote breast enhancement, providing a fuller, firmer and natural look.

Less or No Acne
While some women are lucky enough to outgrow teen acne, there are others that need help dealing with recurring blemishes. The Vitamin C in this product helps rejuvenate the skin by promoting collagen and elastin production, essential proteins needed to generate new skin. With all of Bust Bunny’s natural ingredients combined you may notice acne-free glowing skin in no time!

This product if used daily is used to help slow down the aging process in both young and aging women. Bust Bunny have incorporated organic, non-gmo herbs to hydrate and boost youthful looking skin. The active ingredient of Wild Yam is used in cosmetics for its ability to fight the loss of collagen in skin as well as promote the capability of bust enhancement.

Painless Cramps
One main ingredient in this supplement is Fenugreek, which is one of the oldest known medicinal herbs in recorded history. This herb is known to not only relieve menstrual cramps, but can help with menopause. This active ingredient has been known to make that time of the month smoother with less pain.

Lowered High + Bad Cholesterol
Although your diet has a huge impact on your levels of cholesterol, adding a daily supplement helps give it a boost. One of the most healthful additions to a heart healthy diet is ground Flaxseeds, one of Bust Bunny’s main ingredients. Flaxseed also naturally increases your estrogen levels and helps with breast growth.

Key Ingredients:

  • Fenugreek: Originated in India and the Mediterranean area. Typically used for treating menopausal symptoms but today it is most commonly used to boost breast milk production. Fenugreek helps with breast development by stimulating your mammary gland which is what helps the breast tissue to grow. The phytoestrogen found in fenugreek is what helps to increase the levels of estrogen in your body.
  • Wild Yam: Originated in Africa and North America. Wild Yam Root contains a large number of phytoestrogens that break down in your body as estrogen. Wild Yam Root makes breasts larger by using the natural progesterone its famous for to balance female hormones and assist in the natural development of breast growth.
  • Vitamin C: Although we think of Vitamin C as the cure for the cold, it has many more benefits than just that. Vitamin C helps with breast enlargement by promoting healthy skin production. Since Vitamin C is known to be responsible for collagen production with keeping the skin toned and firm, this helps keep your breasts perky.
  • Red Clover: Not only do the isoflavones found in Red Clover promote estrogen levels to help the various health issues found in women, but they also help with the process of breast enlargement. Red Clover naturally and efficiently promotes healthy breast enlargement by acting as a catalyst in a process that is already happening in your body.

TOP 4 FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. Why is Bust Bunny so effective?
Bust Bunny contains Phytoestrogens (naturally occurring non-hormonal plant estrogens). Unlike breast enhancement creams, these phytoestrogens stimulate your body to produce new breast tissue growth. Your body responds to Bust Bunny the way it responds to puberty or pregnancy; with renewed glandular tissue growth in the breast receptor sites.

2. How likely is it that Bust Bunny will increase my bust size?
Most women experience a noticeable improvement in fullness and toning in the breast area, so there is a high probability of success for you. Women with a cup size of ‘A or B’ often report an increase of one to two cup sizes. Differences in individual metabolism and body chemistry obviously determine the outcome for you personally. The great news is that breast enhancement pills are more effective than breast enhancement creams which is why Bust Bunny chose veggie friendly capsules.

3. Are Bust Bunny Capsules safe for me to use?
Bust Bunny is an all-natural herbal dietary supplement containing absolutely no additives or fillers. All ingredients in Bust Bunny are listed on the FDA's GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) list. There are no known negative side effects. *Before taking any dietary supplement, women with special medical conditions, pregnant or lactating are encouraged to consult with their physician first.

4. Does Bust Bunny cause acne or pimples?
No. On the contrary it actually clears up your skin if you have acne or pimples.

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 2 daily with 170-340ml ounces of water.